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Green synthesis of cobalt oxide nanoparticles from spent coffee

posted on 2023-04-03, 08:15 authored by Sean DrummerSean Drummer

The data provided demonstrates all the outcomes that were achieved when generating the spent coffee, followed by the extraction and analysis of the antioxidants (Spent Coffee Analysis). Additionally, the experimentation data from the synthesis of cobalt oxide nanoparticles from the spent coffee extract is presented in Catalysis Pt.1. The validity of the nanoparticles were tested against the advanced oxidation of Tartrazine dye, using Peroxymonosulfate as a precursor. The optimal nanoparticles were utilised from thereon out. Lastly, Catalysis Pt.2 identifies the factors affecting the advanced oxidation of the azo dye, and how the process reacts when the variables are altered. Furthermore, the kinetic study on the nanoparticles is located within this data sheet.

Ethics Certificate Number: 2020FEREC-STD-021


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