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Algorithms for communication control and automation in a power system network using IEC 61850 standard

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posted on 2023-05-31, 12:18 authored by Abdalla AdamAbdalla Adam

This chapter presents an analysis of IEC 61850-8-2 XMPP communications in the developed testbed for the research study using Wireshark packet-capturing software. Initially, it provides analysis of the data exchange and cybersecurity mechanisms of the XMPP standard. Thereafter, it provides a description for the data fusion algorithm, which was developed to reduce the amount of transmitted data over the network. The simulation captions of the EC gateway model were illustrated to verify the impact of the algorithm to reduce the transmitted data tags from twelve to six. Furthermore, a Wireshark-based evaluation of the EC algorithm’s impact on the communication QoS was outlined. The methodology of the evaluation consisted of capturing data traffic for an equal period of time with and without execution of the EC algorithm.

Wireshark I/O Graphs and Microsoft Excel were applied to analyze bandwidth usage and latency for both test cases and the results were provided. The impact of executing the EC algorithm was observed. 


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