Maria Diana Hartnick

Lecturer (Health sciences)

South Africa


  • Hartnick, M.D., 2015. Echocardiography for early detection of heart disease in high risk diabetic patients (Doctoral dissertation, Cape Peninsula University of Technology).
  • Matsha, T.E., Hartnick, M.D., Kisten, Y., Eramus, R.T. and Kengne, A.P., 2014. Obesity phenotypes and subclinical cardiovascular diseases in a mixed‐ancestry S outh A frican population: A cross‐sectional study (南非混合血统人群的肥胖表型与亚临床心血管疾病: 一项横向研究). Journal of diabetes, 6(3), pp.267-270.

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Tandi Edith Matsha-Erasmus

NRF/Nedbank SARChI Chair - Cape Town, South Africa

Tandi Edith Matsha-Erasmus

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