Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Marco Leroy Adonis


  • Efficacy of Energy Wheeling to Endorse Renewable Energy Generation
  • An Analysis of Solar P.V. Access to Alleviate Energy Poverty in Benin
  • Controlling the Hybrid PV/T System Self-heating Using Extrinsic Cell Resistance
  • Evaluation of a hybrid dryer for the production of apple chips
  • Impact study of partial shading phenomenon on solar pv module performance
  • Enhanced pyrolysis of waste rubbers: thermogravimetric analysis of waste rubbers production of diesel-range hydrocarbons
  • Smart homes and sustainable cities: The design of a low-cost solution for comprehensive home automation
  • Real-time simulator for a hybrid convective-fir fruit dryer
  • A PV power supply module for a portable Cubesat satellite ground station
  • An analysis of solar PV access to alleviate energy poverty in Benin
  • Software-based energy management system for an infrared dryer
  • Design and development of an infrared heater for plastic waste gasification
  • An investigation and design of an infrared radiation heat profile controller
  • Microgrid energy management system and its control strategy
  • 2 Challenges in household energisation and the poor Philip Lloyd 9 Design of a low voltage DC microgrid system for rural electrification in South Africa Gilbert …
  • Applying modelling and simulation techniques to characterize an infrared heater
  • Introduction to the application of social justice theories in energy engineering education for socio-technical design
  • Energy Access Assessment of Pakistan
  • Energy Efficiency and Energy Management in South Africa-Standards, Barriers and Policies
  • The DC house for low power households-DC-DC converter analysis
  • Voltage control in future electrical distribution networks
  • Comparison of Thermal, Flywheel and Supercapacitor Energy Storage for an African Microgrid
  • Software Defined Networking Based on Centralized Control for Smart Grid Communications
  • Design and simulation of solar cell system under different environmental conditions
  • Preventive Maintenance and Fault Detection for Wind Turbine Generators Using a Statistical Model
  • Performance evaluation of voltage and current control mode controller for SEPIC converter in CubeSats application
  • Robust and highly efficient wide-input range power converter for space application
  • Learning embedded programming using the Arduino microcontroller for aquaculture environmental monitoring
  • Multiconverter controller design for an infrared heater grid
  • Combined convective and infrared drying model for food applications
  • Temperature management strategies for a 9kW hybrid FIR-convective fruit dryer
  • The case for integration of renewables in rail freight yards in South Africa
  • Intelligent load shedding for stability enhancement in an autonomous microgrid system
  • Thermal modelling of infrared heater for plastic waste gasification
  • Design of an energy efficient PV stand-alone power supply unit for a residential-based CubeSat ground station
  • Simulation and modelling of energy efficient design of a ceramic infrared heater
  • A radiation test on a front-end DC-DC power converter
  • Smart meter for renewable energy microgrid island
  • The development of a remotely controlled home automation system for energy saving
  • The impact of energy storage on the stability of renewable energy in a micro grid
  • Microgrid energy management system control strategy

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