Ekaterina Rzyankina

Lecturer (Engineering)

Cape Town, South Africa


  • Rzyankina, E., Szeliga, D., Mahomed, N. and Nowotnik, A., 2013. Investigation of the effect of solidification velocity on the quality of single crystal turbine blades. In Applied mechanics and materials (Vol. 372, pp. 54-61). Trans Tech Publications.
  • Rzyankina, E., 2013. Numerical and experimental investigation of directional solidification in vacuum investment casting of superalloys (Doctoral dissertation, Cape Peninsula University of Technology).
  • Rzyankina, E., Pytel, M., Mahomed, N. and Nowotnik, A., 2016. Solution heat treatment of single crystal castings of CMSX-4 nickel-base superalloy.
  • Пермский гос. технический ун-т, 2005. Молодежная наука Верхнекамья.

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