Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Butteur Mulumba Ntamba Ntamba

Lecturer (Engineering)

Cape Town, South Africa


  • Schwarz-Röhr, B., NtambaNtamba, B. and Härting, A., 2016. Estimating seaway from ship motions. In PRADS 2016.
  • Schwarz-Röhr, B., NtambaNtamba, B. and Härting, A., 2015, November. Extending Sea State Measurements from Wave Buoys to Vessels Underway. In Developing Sustainable Hydrography in Africa, Hydro Conference (pp. 11-20).
  • Fester, V., Ntamba, B.N., Rust, F., Slatter, P. and Noble-Jack, I., 2012, November. Effectiveness of Fractal Orifices for Flow Measurement. In ASME 2012 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (pp. 2179-2182). American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
  • Ntamba, B.N. and Fester, V., 2012. Pressure losses and limiting Reynolds numbers for non-Newtonian fluids in short square-edged orifice plates. Journal of Fluids Engineering, 134(9), p.091204.
  • Ntamba, N. and Mulumba, B., 2011. Non-Newtonian pressure loss and discharge coefficients for short square-edged orifices plates (Doctoral dissertation, Cape Peninsula University of Technology).

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