Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Anthony Olusegun Obilana

Lecturer (Biological sciences; Agricultural, veterinary and food sciences; Engineering)

Cape Town, South Africa

My research over the last 10 years has focused on the utilisation of indigenous and non-indigenous underutilised crops in South Africa. These crops include pearl millet, sorghum (various varieties) and recently moringa and Bambara groundnut (BGN). The main aim of my projects where and still involve the maximisation of the nutritional and nutraceutical benefits of these crops in food products through various processing methods, in order to combat malnutrition in its various forms and the spin-off of improved food security as well as build capacity through training of postgraduate students in the region. Compositing to improve nutrient content and increase nutrient density, traditional methods; malting, fermentation and air drying, as well as the commercial methods; pulsed electric field, ultrasonication and freeze drying, and recently the fortification of foods using fortificants of plant origin, have and continue to be used in the quest for these objectives. Some of my research finding



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