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CPUT Open Access Card: how visible and accessible is your research?

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posted on 2019-10-28, 12:31 authored by Veliswa TshetshaVeliswa Tshetsha, Hillary HartleHillary Hartle

Whilst working towards open science strategies and trying to beat the cost in Open Access publishing, researchers worldwide are embracing a variety of activities and tools to promote their work, connect with other researchers, and engage in scholarly discourse.

There’s various ways to enhance and promote visibility, access and impact of CPUT research outputs. In line with this year’s theme “Open for Whom? Equity in Open Knowledge” CPUT Libraries support researchers in many ways such as adding research publications and connecting accounts through these researchers profile systems:

ü Getting unique author identifiers using ORCID to distinguish their work from that of all other researchers. Authors can add all of their research publications on ORCID

ü Publishing in Open Access Journals listed in the DOAJ platform then verify the selected journal title(s) by checking the accredited journal list (DHET). Be aware of predatory publishers.

ü Check journal publisher copyright and self-archiving policies

ü Disseminate or share outputs through CPUT institutional repository and

ü Share research data through CPUT Research Data Repository Figshare

ü Create Google Scholar account

ü Create a Mendeley profile and other forms of social networking tools

In responding to the Open Access movement this Open Access card is designed to promote CPUT research visibility and impact. Researchers can download and click in each platform to create accounts and add publications.