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A unified query platform for NOSQL databases using polyglot persistence

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posted on 2024-02-15, 08:55 authored by Hadwin ValentineHadwin Valentine

This research endeavor applies Design Science Research as its principle research strategy as it focuses on the development of an experimental artifact for a unified query system. The artifact encompasses a set of architectural guidelines and principles when a applying a unified querying mechanism for the four types of NoSQL categories: key-value, document, graph and column store data models. The scope of this study is limit to specific vendor implementations, namely: Redis, MongoDB, Neo4j and Cassandra.

Ethical Clearance no: 202028917/2023/20

A variety of experiments were conducted to evaluate the prototype’s effectiveness and efficiency. The experiments were actioned by a group of automated participants, each test representing a subset of a particular goal. The culmination of these results indicated the feasibility of the proposed solution. The datasets for this study comprises of metrics such as Apdex, error rate, CPU and memory utilization as well as the respective NoSQL generated queries for each data store. The observed data is indicative of how efficient the prototype consumed resources whilst effectively generating an executable query at runtime.


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