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Utilization of mid-resolution imagery and remote sensing techniques to characterize urban growth over the Philippi Horticultural Area

posted on 2023-03-22, 07:14 authored by Darron IsaacsDarron Isaacs


CHange Detection 2015-2021. A change detection table was uploaded that indicates the loss of natural areas, notably loss of vegetation to urban and other features.

 A confusion matrix (2020) table has been uploaded which represents a visual difference between the actual and predicted classifications of the model created for 2020. This process is done in order to distinguish between a classification system that mislabels another classification.

Validation Raster Sample was also added. This sample is a portion of the total sample made accessible for the model development and is set aside as an in-time validation sample. Random partitioning of the overall sample is accomplished, separating the data into a portion used for development and the remaining amount needed for validation.

Difference Vegetation Index (DVI). This was one of the indices utilised in order to improve the accuracy of the feature coverage that were being displyed on the change detection map.


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