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The patterns of technology-mediated interaction between teachers and learners in a time of crisis.

posted on 2024-03-11, 08:37 authored by Ian KennedyIan Kennedy

Ethical ClearanceReference no: 221205314/2022/3

The study used a qualitative phenomenological design to explore teachers’ access to ICT and technology practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. The interpretivist, posthumanist stance allowed the researcher to explore the subjective experiences and interpretations of the participants. The research adopted an inductive approach to derive meaning from the gathered data, uncovering patterns and connections.

The selection of participants used targeted purposive sampling, choosing individuals who aligned with the research objectives. The study primarily employed an online survey to reach a diverse audience, supplemented by a focus group interview for data triangulation. The data was organized and analyzed using Atlas.ti.

Strategies were implemented to mitigate biases, manage limitations, and enhance research validity and reliability. Ethical considerations prominently featured, covering informed consent, confidentiality, data protection, and potential conflicts of interest.


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