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The implementation of Performance Management and its effect on employee productivity at SASSA in Cape Town.

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posted on 2023-05-29, 07:46 authored by Siyabulela Njilo

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It is important to distinguish between two types of sources: principal data and supplementary data. Supplementary data refers to data presented in the published literature, while principal data refers to data obtained from the original source (Hanekom, 1998: 28). Primary data collection is considered necessary when the investigator perceives that there is inadequate or usable information released on the subject under investigation. This analysis used primary data including an annual performance plan and departmental annual reports, along with statistics on performance management, moderating committee minutes, and memorandums, as well as weekly and yearly reports for the period from April 2016 to March 2019.

As SASSA records are scrutinized to understand how challenges related to PMDS activities are handled, this method is referred to as a textual/documentary study. It was crucial that any information gathered during this research process helped to answer the research question, namely: What are the problems faced at its Western Cape regional office within SASSA's PMDS? This depends to performance of the evidence on which it is based. This suggests that an outstanding research design and a representative sample are not adequate to guarantee a valid outcome if the analysis is based on unreliable data. It is important to ensure that the data obtained is adequately accurate in order for the analysis and findings to be reliable.

The data collection method applied in this study involves the distribution of structured questionnaires. Throughout the information collection process, the investigator sought to reduce faults and prejudice by ensuring that the study sample was representative and that the respondents' opinions were not affected by the researcher. The information collection method used is discussed in detail below (Bless, Higson & Kagee, 2006:97).


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