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The effectiveness of a performance management system on skills development of radiation therapists in the Western Cape.

posted on 2024-04-02, 08:07 authored by Danielle Patricia ConradDanielle Patricia Conrad

REC Approval Reference No: CPUT/HWS-REC 2022/H3

Evaluating the development of skills of radiation therapists (RTTs) forms an essential part of ensuring professional competence, accuracy and safe delivery of radiotherapy treatment. A performance management system (PMS) aims at evaluating the performance and development of employees by recognising excellent performance and identifying unsatisfactory performance through highlighting areas where improvement is needed. With this study, the aim was to explore the effectiveness of a PMS in evaluating the development of RTTs in terms of their skill in a government department in South Africa.

A descriptive, qualitative research approach was employed and data was collected through questionnaires and semi-structured interviews. The population size was 32 RTTs. Participants were selected through convenience sampling. Nineteen (19) RTTs responded to the questionnaires and participated in the interviews.

The findings of this study highlighted the following shortcomings in the way the PMS is conducted at this specific institution, namely: 1.) the PMS is ineffective in evaluating the development of skills of RTTs; 2.) the current PMS does not contribute to the professional development of RTTs; 3.) the system fails to identify areas where improvement of skills is needed and 4.) the PMS does not assist in improving performance of RTTs.

It was concluded that the PMS at this study site seems to be inadequately applied and there seems to be a failure to evaluate the development of skills of radiation therapists. It is recommended that the system needs to be amended to include processes that contribute to an effective evaluation of RTTs’ development and performance.


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