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The Removal of Selected Pharmaceuticals from a Municipal Membrane Bioreactor Secondary Effluent with Reverse Osmosis Membranes

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posted on 2022-11-23, 07:57 authored by Nurah JacobsNurah Jacobs


Ethical clearance reference: 2019FEREC-STD-74

The data set describes the actual raw experimental data that was captured during experimental runs. The data sets are two which are separated according to membrane type. there were two membranes used, i.e. reverse osmosis (XLE4040) and nanofiltration (NF90). The project consisted of three sections: The type of membranes and three different pharmaceuticals and inorganic and organic impurities found and the impact of fouling over longer experimental times (100 HOURS). The Pharmaceuticals were dosed into a synthetic MBR secondary municipal effluent at three different concentrations and three different feed pressures over a peiod of 12 hours. 


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