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The Last Conference Paper - Working Out in the Open

posted on 2024-01-22, 12:29 authored by Salmon Thomas

Huge amounts of data that is relevant to comparative education is now being published by UNESCO, OECD, PISA PIRLS and TIMSS and that does not even take into account the data that is being published by national minitries and NGOs. You would not think of setting up a commission to look at 'Relevant Data in Comparative Education' today - relevant data is everywhere. This is also the age of software to mine hug amount of data and bring sense in the multitude of data available: this is the age of "big data". Software like Tableau (used in this presentation) is wisely available and user-friendly. How will this change comparative education? This presentation will show how data can now be mined for generating questions and hypotheses. This put power into the hands of the audience and makes students research and speculation easy. This is the last conference presentation you will ever need to attend.


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