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Supercritical fluid fractionation process development : a techno-economic evaluation of retrofitting an apple aroma production facility

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posted on 2022-06-22, 09:35 authored by Siobhan HendricksSiobhan Hendricks, Taffy MadzimbamutoTaffy Madzimbamuto, Tunde Victor Ojumu

Ethical clearance certificate ref: 2019FEREC-STD-125

This data sets comprise of data collected from experiments using the supercritical fractionation pilot plant located in the High Pressure laboratory at CPUT. The pilot plant and literature experimental data were used to validate a process model developed in the Aspen Plus process simulator. In addition, data extracted from Aspen Plus were provided in the data sets. Also, the research included an energy evaluation for the full recycle process which is provided in the datasets. Finally, the analysis of the samples collected from experiments (using gas-chromatography mass spectroscopy) are provided under the appendix.





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