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Reputation management on social media: A case study of SA female hip hop artists

posted on 2022-04-19, 07:40 authored by Mpho Roberta Masondo

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The research title being the Reputation Management of Social Media: The case study of emerging Hip Hop artists. I am embarking on a pragmatism research philosophy, with the research question as the most important determinant. My research question for this study is what are the textual representations of femininity in Instagram posts, of South African (SA) Hip hop artists? I think it is important to research on gendered discourses and practices because inequality still exists between male and female hip hop artists, as well as over-sexualization of women based on their images on social media. The study is qualitative and therefore will follow a conceptual framework to identify themes and patterns. I am hoping to investigate human experiences through the social constructs of gender and sexuality on social media, how the masculinity and femininity discourse continues to influence society in both positive and negative ways. These social media stereotype images and views are shaping sexual behavior of youth. It is important to interpret these text at a much deeper level to document and make sense of what is being communicated digitally in order to understand current gendered culture. 


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