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Relationship-centered leadership and the effect on the performance of construction project teams at a construction site in Queenstown

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posted on 2023-09-27, 06:35 authored by Akhona KlanisiAkhona Klanisi

Ethical ref #2021_FBMSREC 113

The Research Method – Quantitative Technique

The quantitative method approach was used to achieve the dissertation’s aims. Quantitative research use numerical data where a researcher focuses on collecting data in the form of numbers to explain phenomena. This data is then used to analyse and provide findings and make recommendations based on the findings. The population to be studied is maintained, and controls and defined criteria are sometimes utilised to assess the validity of the findings. Because the study is extremely concentrated and there is a strong emphasis on the trustworthiness of the results, large numbers are utilised in the samples (Hoy & Adams, 2015:108). The most important element of qualitative research is that it is generally suited for samples, and its conclusions are neither quantitative nor quantifiable. Its primary benefit, which also serves as its primary distinction from quantitative research, is that it provides a comprehensive description and analysis of a study topic, without limiting the scope of the study or the nature of participant’s responses (Edwards, 2010:55).


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