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Optimization of Biodiesel Produced from Waste Sunflower Cooking Oil over CaO/Al2O3

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posted on 2022-02-28, 08:09 authored by Ines SimbiInes Simbi, Otolorin Adelaja OsiboteOtolorin Adelaja Osibote, Oluwaseun Oyekola, Uyiosa Osagie Aigbe

Ethical Clearance Certificate: 2019FEREC-STD-122

The dataset 2 is composed of mainly chapter 4 of the thesis. In RSD Analysis spreadsheet is the statistical analysis of the optimised sunflower biodiesel. Here, ANOVA, Model Summary, Sequential Model, and lack of fit analysis is evident. In sample runs analysis spreadsheet is the fuel quality of each run i.e., viscosity, density, and flash point, the factors used in the optimisation is catalyst weight, temperature, and time. Moreover, desirability and predicted yield are shown after different conditions were evaluated.

The fuel quality of the biodiesel synthesised at the chosen optimum parameters are shown in spreadsheet named optimised fuel properties. Here, qualities such as Oxidation stability, Water content, Distillation at 90%, 10% distillation residues, Ca+Mg, Na+K, Sulphur, Phosphorus, Viscosity, Density, Total acid number, Flash point, Soot, Sulphates, Nitrates, and glycol is shown.


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