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IEC16850 standard-based islanding detection algorithm for distributed generator integrated power systems

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A feasibility study of integration of DGs in power system network which is related with several protection and security challenges. The islanding detection is one of major problems, when the power grids' service is disconnected while the DGs are still in use. As a result of this phenomena, stability and power quality may worsen as the DGs may not be able to maintain voltage and frequency. The security of the utility employees may also be at risk during the islanding stage. Due to the harmful effects of unplanned islanding brought on by high DG penetration, therefore the solution is to have a connection to operate the micro grid system both grid connected and islanded modes of operation. In order to test the protection functioning of the micro grid system, a lab-scale protection test bench is set up at the CPUT CSAEMS laboratory utilizing a generator protection relay and test injection device.  




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