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Franchising as a strategy for job creation in the clothing sector

Reason: The researcher ensured that participants’ identities were protected and kept anonymous by not revealing their names or any specific information.

Franchising as a strategy for job creation in the clothing sector: a case study of Walvis Bay

posted on 2023-04-17, 10:21 authored by Kristina ShitembaKristina Shitemba, Sophie Nguepi Kasse, Darlington Onojaefe, Kristina Shitemba

Ethical Ref #FOBREC816

The franchise business model enjoys much support in developed and developing countries. It is regarded as a key contributor to economic growth and is also seen as an essential vehicle for job creation. In Namibia, where unemployment is high, franchising can be a potential strategy that can be utilised to support the job creation efforts of the Namibian government. However, while franchising as a business model has seen areas of growth in several sectors in Namibia, empirical research into the viability of the franchise business model within the clothing sector specifically or an evaluation of its capacity to support job creation efforts has not been undertaken. The study employed a mixed-methods research design to investigate the suitability of franchising as a strategy to create jobs in the Walvis Bay area.  


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