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Factors affecting knowledge transfer between young and old employees at an engineering company in Cape Town

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posted on 2023-11-15, 13:22 authored by Bingwen YanBingwen Yan

I am writing to bring to your attention that the following submission is made on behalf of my late student, Mr. V Mtshikana, who unfortunately passed away in February 2022.

Clearance Certificate No: 2019FBREC

Description of the research:

This study discusses the challenges posed by an aging workforce in the engineering industry, leading to the loss of experienced workers and hindering knowledge transfer and innovation. It emphasizes the need for enhanced collaboration and communication strategies. While young entrants face obstacles in acquiring knowledge, the study focuses on the interactions between young and aging artisans, identifying factors influencing tacit knowledge transfer. The recommended approach involves a mixed research method, utilizing surveys and interviews. The study proposes a framework, Knowledge Window Effect Transfer (KWETRA), to guide future research and strategically align tacit knowledge with company goals.


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