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Entomopathogenic Fungal Species Occurrence in the Cape Peninsula Region - Winter and Summer

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posted on 2023-08-04, 12:28 authored by Ilyaas Rhoda, Felix NchuFelix Nchu

Entomopathogenic fungal isolates are increasingly being used to develop eco-friendly biopesticides. This dataset is based on a study investigating the ecological relationships between entomopathogenic fungal occurrence in the Cape Peninsula region and season and land use. Soil samples were collected in winter and summer from randomly selected sampling sites within randomly selected nature reserves (undisturbed sites) and agricultural farms (disturbed sites) in the Cape Peninsula region. Soil samples from the same sites were collected in different seasons (winter and summer). The isolates were identified morphologically and molecularly. The results will help enhance the conservation biological control approach and understand the ecology of these important microbes in the region. 

Ethical Clearance

CapeNature and SanParks granted the site permit for this study. The Faculty Research Ethics Committee (FREC) of the Faculty of Applied Sciences granted ethics approval (Reference no. 216102995/04/2021) for this study.  


This study was funded by Cape Peninsula University of Technology (URF R166)


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