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Development of a real-time testbed for renewable energy integration studies

posted on 2023-04-05, 07:53 authored by Gideon JoubertGideon Joubert, Atanda Kamoru RajiAtanda Kamoru Raji

The datasets represent those used as part of the thesis titled, "Development of a real-time testbed for renewable energy integration studies". The dataset document titled, "Main testbed circuit section parameters", illustrates the developed testbed's main circuit, while also specifying applicable MATLAB parameters selected during the circuit setup for the case studies performed.

The dataset document titled "MATLAB Live script code", represents the author-developed MATLAB code which based on user input, automatically selects the relevant grid code requirement parameters exported to the testbed before simulation.

The document titled "V&F circuit inputs, case study 1-9 datasets" represent the grid representing input data replayed during the respective nine case studies performed.

Finally, the document titled "Case study 1-9 real-time result datasets", represents the datasets obtained from the nine real-time simulations performed, and are those used for generating the simulation result graphs used in the thesis document.

For the datasets, input data are referenced where applicable in the respective documents it appears.

Furthermore due to the nature of the study, and the type of data collected and used, no ethical clearance was required for this work.


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