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Development of a Domain Ontology to Support Information Retrieval on the South African Informal Sector Services

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posted on 2023-04-04, 09:15 authored by Glodi Mokombati AtobaGlodi Mokombati Atoba

 This dataset provides a comprehensive description of the dataset used to construct the South African Informal Business Sector (SAIBUS) ontology throughout the study. The document includes information on the sources of the data used, the requirement descriptions. It also provides details on the use cases and competency questions that were used to identify the requirements for the ontology, as well as the mapping of these questions to the six dimensions that each sub-ontology should satisfy. The dataset document is a valuable resource for researchers and developers who wish to use the SAIBUS ontology for intelligent search, service recommendation, semantic processing of queries, information retrieval, and intelligent reasoning by apps. 


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