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Design and model development of a baseload power plant in 100% renewable energy systems

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posted on 2023-11-22, 09:33 authored by Niksha ReddyNiksha Reddy, Atanda Kamoru RajiAtanda Kamoru Raji

Multiple researchers has previously proved that the Kendal power station, which is a coal fired power plant has been negatively affecting the health of citizens in nearby communities. This research focuses on the design and model development, including the feasibility of a hybrid renewable energy power plant. The capacity of the power plant is equivalent to the Kendal Power Station situated in Ogies, Mpumalanga.

The hybrid renewable energy system consists of components such as solar Pv, wind turbines, converters and a pumped hydrostorage system. The HOMER Pro software was used to simulate the system and determine the feasibility of the hybrid renewable energy system.

The dataset contains results from the simulaton, the wind and resource assessments from the HOMER software, all details of the components that was entered to the software. It also includes the data extracted from Google earth of the dams nearby the proposed construction site to select the optiomal lower dam for the pumped hydrostorage system.

Ethic Reference number: 2022FEBEREC-STD-021


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