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Decentralized discrete optimal quadratic automatic generation control of interconnected power systems based on the functional minimization method

posted on 2024-04-02, 08:06 authored by Mohammed EsmailMohammed Esmail

The program codes presented in this document/thesis were developed by applying the state space modelling approach, optimal control theory, functional minimization method, the closed-loop iteration procedure, and programming in MATLAB environment. Moreover, the program codes were developed and implemented to evaluate and study the dynamic performance of two identical interconnected power system and four area interconnected power system by using following steps:

Step 1: Convert SIMULINK transfer function models of Multi-Area Interconnected Power Systems (MAIPS) into state first odder differential equations.

Step 2: combine the first-order differential state equations to create the state space equation of MAIPS in time domain.

Step 3: Covert the continuous state space equations to discrete state space equations using Euler criteria and reasonable sampling time.

Step 4: Develop state and control input weighting matrices using functional minimization method.

Step 5: Obtain the optimal feedback control gains using optimal control theory, weighting matrices and develop programming code to solve the AGC problem in iterative closed loop.

Step 6: Develop various scenarios on the developed code, run the simulations and then capture the results.


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