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Analysing the impact of transformational leadership to the motivation of employees in construction projects in the low-income areas

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posted on 2023-09-27, 06:36 authored by Natasha MartinNatasha Martin

To gather data for this research, a questionnaire was given to project managers and team members in several depots. To eliminate subjectivity and prejudice from the participant selection procedure, random sampling was adopted. This was repeated at every location where transformational leadership was being practiced, allowing for objective data collection techniques that gave the information gathered legitimacy and reliability. Diagrams and graphs were used to analyse the responses after they were recorded on a Google questionnaire. In order to gather information for this research, a research tool (questionnaire) was developed. The questionnaire was used since the mixed research method that was used informed the notion of the questionnaire to be used. Theoretical support exists for the notion that project managers have a significant impact on team members' output. That was evident even from the survey's results. The research findings should be useful to a wide range of leaders at various levels, with a variety of jobs and competences to use, to have a positive effect on the project team and eliminate project failures. Clearance Certificate No | 2021 FBMSREC 096


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