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A framework for the use of m-commerce by brick-and-mortar retail stores in Angola

posted on 2022-11-08, 14:12 authored by Mateus JustinoMateus Justino

Ethical clearance: 2020FOBREC806 

The lack of a dependable framework for using mobile commerce to manage brick-and-mortar retailer stakeholders' priorities continues to be a concern for  conventional business leaders, who continue to struggle to incorporate productivity-enhancing  technologies into their businesses. Even so, conventional retailers expect mobile  commerce to enable them to respond to continuous uncertainty and unpredictable changes in  a dynamic business environment, accommodate new consumer experiences, boost sales of  products/services and achieve competitive advantage. Given the above, this study aims to explore  the use of a framework for mobile commerce in brick-and-mortar retailers. The main objective is to investigate the underlying factors that are requisite for the use of a framework for mobile  commerce in brick-and-mortar retailers. Thus, the study integrated the Technology-Organisation-Environment framework and the Task-Technology Fit model  as the lens to better explore the magnitude of the problem. The study combined both the positivist and interpretive paradigms and followed a cross-sectional study design. Both the structured questionnaire and the semi-structured interview as survey instruments were considered appropriate for the collection of both qualitative and quantitative data from brick-and-mortar business managers/owners and mobile commerce  business personnel. Descriptive analysis, Structural Equation Modeling analysis and content analysis  were performed. Thus, triangulation between qualitative data and quantitative data was used  to ensure concurrent validity. The general framework proposed by the study provides a comprehensive structural design within the alignment of  brick-and-mortar retailer operations and mobile commerce practices. It may help conventional businesses to understand and identify the requisite factors in the adoption and use of m-commerce and assist business supporters in the process of technological innovation transfer.


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